Entrance of the Amphitheater & Plaza



Ron Harvey

A resident artist at Ogden Arts, Ron was born in a small log cabin near Monticello where chores commenced before dawn and continued till after dark. Though his early interest in art was not seen as “real work,” he never lost his inclination for it. When serving an LDS mission in Mexico City, he toured large museums and was spellbound by what he saw. On his return to the US, he met his wife, Bonnie, began a career in Electronics and Business Management, and painted as a hobby. Since retiring in 2004, he has focused on his paintings and hopes they re ect the beauty of the world.

Geri Magdiel

Geri Magdiel grew up in Ogden, attended Weber State University brie y and then moved to Seattle where she raised her two children. After 28 years she returned to her hometown to purchase and restore the home her parents built and she grew up in. In 1987, the self-taught artist became a professional. She paints murals and collectible furniture (and now, a horse). She has been af liated with many galleries throughout Idaho, Washington, California and Utah and is currently an Artist in Residence at Ogden Arts. She feels very fortunate to work alongside some of Ogden’s nest artists.

Dale Campbell, Richard, Kelly & Markie Campbell

To honor their love, strength and devotion.