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Suzy Eaton

Suzie Eaton studied art at the University of Utah and Weber State University and is now a graphic artist, product and food stylist, and set decorator. She’s been featured on several television shows, including HGTV’s That’s Clever and the Food Network’s Unwrapped. She’s also an author who has contributed to a number of books, including A Closet Full of Shoes, Nature Printing, Mosaics for the First Time and Just Beauty Clip Art Images. Her latest book, Whisper Painting, focuses on decorative painting techniques. Suzy lives in Ogden with her three children.

Holly Bauman, Stacey Campbell, Pam Carlson, Karen Fairbanks, Kathy Goddard, Jeannie Jones, Suzanne Lindquist, Jill Moore, Carol Nelson, Gina Maughan, Jo Packham, Penny Toliver & Ruth Toller

The need for friendship is universal but the bond between friends remains singular, precious and one-of-a-kind. A soul lled with friendship is a soul lled with love, hope, faith, beauty and joy. There is a language between all of us friends that is never spoken and bonds that will hold us together for always. For these 13 women, friendship is a sense of “us” being greater than ourselves and the reality is that the friendship we share with each other will never be enough because in our hearts there is always room for more.