Gallery 25



Cara Koolmees

Cara grew up in Downey, California where she started drawing pastel portraits at age 10, took art classes throughout school and had her rst solo show. She attended Long Beach State and Cerritos College as a Pre-Med and Art major and went to the University of Southern California for a BS in Dental Hygiene. She painted part time after marrying and having 2 children, taking workshops and entering juried art shows. In 1995, she moved to Utah where she paints local landmarks in her studio on Historic 25th Street.

Historic 25 Association

For over 50 years, Historic 25th Street was like a red carpet welcoming travelers arriving from Union Station. While many people came for business, dining and shopping, plenty frequented houses of ill repute and visited the lively saloons to gamble, drink, brawl and trade ill- gotten gains. For a time, Ogden was a rough city and 25th Street was the roughest part of all. The 25th Street Renaissance began in the 1950s when Mayor Lorin Farr initiated cleanup efforts. In the 1980s, economic reinvestment in the downtown area revitalized the erce, independent, entrepreneurial heart of the city. Progressive business owners opened shops, land developers built residences and Historic 25th Street is once again a red carpet that welcomes residents and visitors to a vital economic and cultural center.