Municipal Building



Donna Wilde & Susan Elmer

Encouraged by her family, Ogden-born Donna Wilde learned to draw and paint at an early age and attended Ben Lomond High School where she learned commercial art, silk screening and ceramics. Donna has painted a mural in a Wichita, KS McDonald’s Restaurant; scenery and props for road shows and plays; and signs and banners for various Ogden companies. She is a member of the Ogden Palette Club, teaches Airbrush classes at Ogden Blue and takes Graphic Design courses at Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College. She lives in Ogden with her husband, artist Jim Wilde.

Susan Elmer was born in Georgia, grew up in Utah and moved to Wyoming where she expanded her art experience as a member of the Palette Club. Balancing art with her work as an Advanced EMT, she had the opportunity to deliver several babies and the happy mother of 2 is now the grandma of 5 adorable grandkids. Back from Wyoming, Sue works at Ogden Blue and has recently taken Airbrush classes with Donna Wilde. Working with Donna Wilde on “Majestic Sunset” has been a wonderful experience for Sue.

Ogden City

Founded in 1846 by trapper Miles Goodyear, Ogden has a population of 82,000 and is located on the east face of the Wasatch Mountains. Once a hub for the railroad and a major trading center for the West, Ogden’s Historic 25th Street now houses unique boutiques, offers award-winning dining and art galleries and is a popular after-hours destination with clubs, pubs, local micro-breweries and entertainment – all in buildings with their original architecture and charm. Today, downtown Ogden is an unparalleled gateway to high adventure with world-class skiing, mountain biking, bouldering, rock climbing, kayaking, skydiving and more. Once a required stop for intercontinental train passengers, Ogden is now the stop of choice for outdoor enthusiasts and boasts more ski companies than any other city in the country.