NE Corner of 25th and Washington



Mike Bachman

Mike Bachman is the artist as well as the sponsor of “Mustang Sally.” His artistic work has won many awards and includes fish carved from blocks of wood and painted in their natural colors. Mike’s passions include collecting and rebuilding antique and hotrod cars. The horse “Mustang Sally” is patterned after one of the hotrods which Mike has rebuilt. Watch for it around town—you can’t miss it!

Mike Bachman Plumbing

Mike Bachman has lived in Ogden his entire life. His family has been in the plumbing business since 1915. In the mid-Seventies, Mike left the family business to start his own company. Mike Bachman Plumbing has grown from a one-truck, one-man plumbing company into a multi-million dollar operation. The company employs 15 great people and specializes in service and repairs. Mike loves Ogden and, like he always says, he’s “at your disposal!”