InStile & Rail




Laurie Kopinski is a resident artist at Ogden Arts and has her work on display at Artists & Heirlooms on Historic 25th Street in Ogden. She is the Historian and Newsletter Editor for The Palette Club of Ogden. While oil is her preferred medium, she also works with acrylic and watercolor. Laurie lives in Uintah, is a full time artist and nds her greatest joy is to paint for her family and friends.

Kris Wilson is currently President of the Palette Club of Ogden for the 2nd year and is committed to advancing the level of art in the Intermountain West. Living in Huntsville has given Kris the opportunity to see life in beautifully different ways, a perspective expressed by her paintings. Working primarily in oils, Kris is always investigating different ways of doing the ordinary. Together, Kris Wilson and Laurie Kopinski completed 2 horses for “Trail To Pioneer Days” – “The Horse of Healing” and “Whoopee”